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introduction from an old MT alum

Hi everybody. I just found this community by accident, when searching for stuff about Coney Island. I went to Mark Twain wayyyyy back in the day. I think I was the last 9th grade graduating class, back in 1992. (Which makes me 27 years old. I'm feelin very old right now compared to everybody else here.) I was in instrumental music talent (clarinet) with Mr. Rubin. Thanks to the person who posted the link to the current school website. I looked at the teachers list, and was happy to see so many familiar names there. I may even email a couple of them, although they probably won't remember me.

So is there anybody reading this who is anywhere near my age? I'm curious if any older alums have found the community. Has it been advertised in the Stuy community? I think that there are some MT grads there, who might be interested.
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