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oh snap!

Hey. I'm Tonianne... graduating class of 2001. Wo0t.

Um. In the same vein as Kathleen, I have decided to post some excerpts from my autograph book. I know there are a couple of my former classmates here, and remembering is supercool.

. Toni!!! Don't forget about that song I wrote - Tonibam, the SPAM HATER! LOL You rule! You'll get an e-mail from me soon so I'll just stop here - Don't wanna repeat things... and yes, it's true. PEAS, X. - sadan2k1 :)

. my real name is nelly! yo! I know y'all want my ass but I'm too hot for ya'll to handle. Sizzle!!! See me "perform" at XXX girls. *wink* - Kathleen Ching - screwsharpie hahaha!! Oh my, Kathleen! ;)

. Toniannnnn. Funky pen. It reminds me of discolored sperm. OK nevermind. Can you read this? Hope so. Here let me write s l o w. Ok Ok. Porm star name: Pet's first name & mother's maiden name. Mine: Scotti Green Tipper. Anyway, have fun at Murrow and the principal is 7,500 years old. Boob bye! Eli G

. Toni, I'm not writing anything nice until I see a $50 contribution to the ROBERT AND BERNSTIEN LOVES TWINKIE FUND. - Johnathan Bernstien

. To Tonianne. I'll miss you! Bye. Good luck. Have a nice great summer! OK BYE - Felix haha.

And I had a bunch of other good ones but tons of them got ripped out. :/ Blah.

Ahh. Nostalgia.
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