D$ (chenmaster) wrote in marktwainers,

2001 graduates rule!

the yearbook was such garbage. i remember getting it in the mail...i think highschool already started...
got excited. saw the cover...threw up....

8th grade was the best.

favorite teachers

Ms. Tarnopol
Mr. Serota
Ms. Reilly
Mr. Carlo
Gym teacher
Ms. Zerul

i visited twain like a month ago. mad people peaced out.
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Okay, I feel old. Is Ms. Tarnopol's first name Devon? Because I went to school with a Devon Tarnopol. She'd be 27 or 28 now.
I was class of '92, by the way. That was back in the day when MT still had 9th grade, so I guess that makes me 10 years older than you, if you graduated 8th grade in 2001. Oh gosh, I'm 10 years older than current high school seniors. *sob*
Just looked her up in the yearbook. Her first name is Stephanie, haha.

1992? My brother graduated around that time! I think it was 1993 though.. lol.
2001!!! :DD
I miss it so muchhhh.

Ms. D. and Ms. Andersen. My favorite teachers. Ms. Berson too! And Mrs. Tatkow retired before we visited.. I can't believe I JUST missed her.

We have to visit again sometime. Or!! Twain 2001 reunion. Again. :D
I had Tarnopol, Carlo, and Zerul in 7th grade (graduated in 99). Carlo was hilarious. he gave us like one homework the whole year.
Ms. Zerul was great. Everyone else...bleh.


January 25 2009, 04:20:41 UTC 8 years ago

ahh ms.tarnipol
i have her now

her arms are floppy